The company

The company is located in Bergen and was founded in June 2008.
Founded on a design engineering practice we combine our skills and experience with the expertise of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance engineering materials. We support clients in their continuous battle against corrosion, erosion, wear and degradation phenomena by offering superior wear parts for extremely harsh environments. Our main product are focused around Wear Resistant Pipe Fittings lined with Silicone Carbide, the third hardest and most immune advanced ceramic commercial available.

The design engineering services provided are focused around down hole drilling wear parts, pressure retaining equipment, lifting appliances, subsea mechanics, certification processes to ASME, API, PED, DNV, ISO, NACE, NORSOK or EN specifications, along with product development management.

Our clients are found in the energy, marine or oil and gas sector where we design products according to specification, perform studies, conduct verification tasks, manage certification or take the lead in new product development projects.

We source and provide a  range of advanced engineering materials  and related services in close cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of special materials.

Our main engineering tools are:
Ansys, Solidworks, MathCAD, PolyUmod and BoltCalc.

Mission Profile

" add value and increase reliability to transport systems subject to  severe erosion and corrosion
    by supplying the most reliable and life cycle cost-effective products and solutions in the market.”

  • Drill Cuttings
  • Slurries
  • Minerals
  • Oil Shale Cuttings
  • Tar Sand Cuttings
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Materix designs, develops and manufactures  wear resistant solutions through reliable  ceramic lining of  pipe fittings and  other pressure retaining equipment.
The WRPF portfolio is tailor made to sustain high velocity particle flow in pneumatic conveyance systems for drill cuttings transportation offshore and onshore.
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Pipe Fittings For Durable Transport
Of Abrasive Fluids And Particles